Beer Money Commission #2

Artistic vision
The artist has been selected for this commission on the basis of their past work, for this commission they will be give a free hand as to the nature of the work they produce with the following conditions:

1. It will be consistent with their previous practice in terms of artistic quality
2. It will be an accurate reflection on the time and money spent on the work
3. It will not undermine the general artistic programme of MILL-WORKERS or any of its funders

The artist is free to sub-contract parts of the production of this work providing that this is consistent with the nature of their practice.

The recommended daily rate for an artist with 5 years experience is £222.48(i) this works out at £27.81 per hour or 0.007725p per second.

The total budget for the commission is £31.98 this means that the time allocated to complete the commission is 4139 seconds (approximately 69 minutes)

There are no concrete guidelines as to whether materials and research should be covered by the commissioning body or by the artist. The commission will follow one of two possible models based on discussion with the artist.

a) All inclusive; materials costs and research time are to be factored into the commission. In which case the artwork will belong to MILL-WORKERS. In this case a budget is proposed as follows.

Research: 28.8% or 1192secs or £9.21(ii)
Production: 28.5% or 1180secs or £9.12
Materials budget: 25% or 1035secs or £7.99
Auditing: 17.7% or 732secs or £5.66(iii)

A leeway of 3% would be expected in these figures.

b) Purely production; the allocated time is to be spent SOLELY on the production of the work (this would include a reasonable amount of ‘thinking time’ as would be expected as part of the production process) all research, materials and auditing would be external to this process and would be covered by the artist as part of their practice. In which case the artwork will remain the property of the artist (subject to certain contractual conditions)(iv)

Payment of fees
60% of the fee will be paid to the artist on the signing of the contract (with the production of a valid invoice) the balance will be paid on production of a full audit.

All negotiations and discussions or time that the artist spends on preparing or researching the commissioned work prior to the signing of the contract are not no be included in the cost of the project.

The figures used to produce this document were taken from the a-n publication Artists Fees and Payments – Good Practice in Paying Artists, with supporting information from the website and are consistent with the best practice guidelines laid out by a-n(v).


(i) Based on £10K a year, in line with a-n guidelines Feb 05 with 3% inflation added. The lower recommended figure, as opposed to the higher figure of £15K, is used as MILL-WORKERS is a small, low income organisation
(ii) This figure is derived from the suggestion that an artist should spend 15 days a year on R&D to maintain their practice (outside of the 177 working days suggested)
(iii) This figure is derived from the suggestion that an artist should spend 10 days a year on administration (as part of the 177 working days)
(iv) These will concern the future exhibiting of the work and the crediting of the role of MILL-WORKERS in the production process and will be negotiated as part of the contract
(v) Owing to OFT guidelines ACE is not allowed to recommend rates of pay for artists it does however recommend a-n as a source of information on the payment of fees to artists.


Beer Money Commision #2 Contract

Andrew Bracey's Report




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