The third and final Beer Money Commission features work by Rachel Goodyear. Following the established pattern the commission will take the money raised from donations for beer at the project launch of Open and use them to produce a new work by Goodyear. This work looked at the academic model of art production and involved the process of peer review common within graduate research.

Goodyear produces drawings in a variety of media that explore discontinuous psychological states and hint at narratives that might or might not exist. Resonances of mythology or hallucinatory and dreamlike experiences are presented in a matter of fact manner and invite the viewer to project their interpretations on to the work in a search for meaning.

For this project Goodyear’s work was presented to three academics; working in the fields of psychology, literature, and history; for cross-disciplinary peer review, they applied their specialist knowledge to discuss the value of the work.

The money collected for the commission was £44.18

The three texts are:

Dr Margaret Masson, Medicate in the Mistaken Belief, 2006
Dr Jeanne Randolph, Iconography and Id, 2006
Dr Laura Sandy, The Bloodhound War, 2007

Beer Money Commission #3 contract



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