The artist selected for Beer Money Commission #2 is Andrew Bracey, for this project he will explore the bureaucratic model of public commissioning and the value systems and methods of working that this imposes upon artists by simulating them in a controlled microenvironment. Bracey will be paid at the rate recommended by a-n for an artist of his level of experience, that is £222.48 a day, to produce a new work. He was chosen because of the reflexive nature of his practice, being studio based and process driven it lends itself to a literal clocking in and out methodology. The process will be subject to a full time/cost audit by the artist and the commission will be completed by 31/03/06.

The money collected at the preview was £31.98 the commission will therefore be completed in 68mins 59secs.

The project is now completed. To view the finished click here



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