This project is a follow on from the first exhibition The Same But Different. At the preview of this exhibition alcoholic drinks were served, as is the convention at this type of event. It is also standard practice for donations to be requested to cover the cost of these refreshments, especially at small-scale artist run events. In this case however the donations take on the preview night are not being used for this purpose but instead will be used by MILL-WORKERS to commission an artist, in this case Yoshiko Sato, to produce a new work or works.

The artist will receive the exact sum collected on the evening in return for the creation of a new artwork. The nature of this artwork is entirely up to the artist; it need not have a physical existence or legacy and need not be exhibited (or exhibit-able) by either MILL-WORKERS or the artist or any third party.

£59.10 was collected to commission Sato to produce new work, the project is now completed. To view the finished project click here



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